Our Bloggers 2018-19

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Hi! I’m Andrea and I come from the University of Limoges in the western part of France. When I arrived in Durham I was both excited and scared, and I guess that’s how all big changes in life are supposed to feel like. Now that I’ve gotten used to my new life here I definitely have a lot to share, including my many mistakes. I hope that my articles will help future Erasmus students to be prepared and encourage more to try this incredible experience. Remember, don’t be afraid, there’s a reason for Erasmus students to come back with a smile!


Hi, I am AAileenila from Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany. My obsession with Jane Austen, Shakespeare and England in general, first led me to my love for reading and writing, later to my studies of literature and finally to this recent relocation to Durham. The opportunity to spend my last year of undergraduate studies not only in the country that is the very spring of my passion but also at this reputable University, makes me feel very grateful. On this blog I intend to take you with me on an exciting adventure of my daily and university life in a different culture and will happily share my experiences, insights, challenges and most cherished memories.



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Hi there! I’m Jen, an exchange student from Melbourne University, Australia and will be travelling halfway across the world to study here at Durham for a year. I’m currently in my second year of a BSc majoring in Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne. I’m so excited for college life, exploring the UK and experiencing my first (hopefully) white Christmas! (Yes, seasons are backwards in the southern hemisphere). Follow my adventures in the UK – the highs and the lows – as I take on whatever the year throws at me!



G Precetti - Profile PictureHello, y’all! My name is Gabrielle. I am from McGill University and decided to come to Durham for this academic year 2018-2019. I highly recommend going on exchange by the way. My experience in Durham has been great so far and I can’t wait to see what more this year has in store. Stay tuned for the next episode of a French girl going through a typical Durham University student year!




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Hallo, my name is Kelly! I live at the Belgian coastline, near the French border and I just finished my first year as a Theology student at the Catholic University of Leuven. I am here in Durham to combine undergraduate and postgraduate courses and to explore the wonders of North East England Stay tuned for pictures, tips and tricks on how to cope with the English food and weather (winter is coming) and some insights on how I am trying to survive Durham student life.