Our Bloggers 2016-17

Hi everyone! I’m Jamei, a Chinese student from Peking University (the same as “Beijing University” if you’re not familiar with the word “Peking”) and currently studying my third year in Physics at Collingwood. It’s my first time to study abroad and I’m really excited about this adventure! I like to take photos to record daily life. Check my blogs and I’ll show you what Durham (the university and the town) is both in my and my phone’s eyes!




Hello! My name is Camille and I am a French Erasmus student here at Durham University! Having finished my second year at Sciences Po Paris, where I used to read Politics, I am now enjoying my new life as a Hatfielder. Follow me on my adventure in Northern England, whether you’re a European student dreaming of studying in Durham or not. You will read a lot about Erasmus community, theatre plays and travels on my blog: I hope you will enjoy it!





Hello! My name is Phoebe and I am a foreign exchange student from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, though I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. Currently in my third year of a Politics & History degree, this year I am a member of Collingwood College. Although the United Kingdom is not terribly foreign from both the USA and Canada, I am discovering new things here every day. Join me for lots of travelling and my thoughts on European politics!



Hi, and Konichiwa! I’m Moeto from Tokyo, and I’m in my fourth year of studying Law at the University of Tokyo. I’ll be spending this year studying Law and Business as an Overseas Exchange student, and learning a lot of British culture thorough my experience in Durham University. Please check out my posts, and I hope you will be interested in studying abroad in Durham or Tokyo U.





Hello! I am Hwee Wern (yes, my first name is two words long!), a third-year exchange student from the National University of Singapore. I study Psychology and am a resident at Collingwood College! Here at Durham University life has so much distinctiveness to offer, from weather and food; to culture and student life – and I am only excited to be able to share the path I’ve travelled; and will travel, with you. My avid interest in the performing arts – in particular, music – and the outdoors would mean that my exploratory self will take me to musicals, performances, sport, mountains, scenic landscapes and the like. It would be lovely to have you join my adventure!



Hi there! I’m Cailin from Perth and I’m currently half way through my Medieval History & European Studies degree at The University of Western Australia. For the next year I will be exploring the beautiful city of Durham, cautiously embracing the cold weather and drinking as much tea as humanly possible, whilst travelling around Europe in my spare time. Hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!