5 reasons why you should choose Sciences Po for your exchange university

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As a French Sciences Po student, I had a different experience at Sciences Po than the one you may live. However, some of the best friends I have made at Sciences Po were Exchange or International students. I believe Sciences Po is a wonderful university and place to live, mainly thanks to the people who teach, study and work there. Here are 5 reasons why you should definitively choose Sciences Po for your year abroad. Continue reading

French presidential election: what is happening?

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As a student in politics, it has been really hard for me to be away from home the year of the presidential election.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but France is going to choose his next president or présidente next Sunday. As I have been asked by my friends here what is really going on on the other side of the Channel, I decided to give you a summarise of the last political year in France. Continue reading

Directing a play at Durham University

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Hi, everyone! Here’s my second post, I hope you’ll like it!

Being away for the holidays let me time to think a lot about what I’ve learned so far during my time abroad. I told you in my first post how much I love Durham for surprising reasons. Well, one of them is Theatre. Continue reading

5 things about Durham University I didn’t know I would love

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Hello everyone ! This is my first article, I hope you’ll enjoy it !

As an Erasmus student at Durham University, the past two months have been slightly different for me than for the other Freshers. First thing first, this year is currently my third, and I will receive my Bachelor degree from Sciences Po Paris at the end of the year (fingers crossed), but here at Durham, I and the others Erasmus, are considered as freshers. Except for the college: we live out, in our own houses. As I am a Hatfielder, it was a really bad news, because this college is amazingly beautiful. When you choose your destination for your year abroad, there are obviously the things you are very excited about. For me, it was the Castle, Harry Potter society and the Gala Theatre. Anyway, as you will find out when you take that flight and go live your dream year, a year abroad is also full of surprises. Fortunately, those 5 things are what make me so happy right now. Continue reading

4 tips for new arrivals

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As the last graduation ceremonies draw nearer, my time as an Erasmus student in Durham is coming to an end. I am lucky enough to be returning to Durham for a postgraduate course next year and will hopefully be able to lend a hand to the next generation of Erasmus students. In the meanwhile, here are my four top tips for new Erasmus arrivals: Continue reading