Two Aussies and their Grand European Adventure

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It has been roughly a month since I returned from my grand adventure and my has it been a busy one at that. For five weeks I saw things I never imagined possible, visited places that had me mesmerised for days and had experiences that will always stay with me. Continue reading

The Bicycle Land (Part 2)

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So, where were we? Oh yeah, saying goodbye to Groningen and getting back to Amsterdam.  Holiday crew update: from “dos travelling amigos”, we became “tres partners in crime” with our friend Emina flying in from London.  We spent 4 nights in the Airbnb flat that was practically located in the centre and therefore in a walking distance from everything fun in this famous “canal city”.


Holiday crew a.k.a. “tres partners in crime”

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Combining Travel and Study; a rough guide.

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I wrote this about a month back now but with travelling for almost five weeks and being in a new country practically every few days (which I’ll tell you all about in the next post), I just didn’t get around to posting it! Reflecting though, with only a few days to go until I’m back at Durham, the experience has been completely worth it and has certainly been the trip of a lifetime I’d hoped it would be.  Continue reading