College Formal Crawl

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As an exchange student, it can be very hard to find the right community within college if you are allocated to one of the largest ones. All colleges except Ustinov College accept both undergraduates and postgraduates and organise activities for both communities. The college I was allocated to allows final year undergraduate exchange students to join the Postgraduate Society, although it does not inform them of this opportunity or give the president of the society their names or contact details. As is so often the case for exchange students, you have to fend for yourself. However, at the end of Michaelmas term, I stumbled upon this possibility and grasped it as it meant it would be much easier to attend formals! Continue reading

Posh on a Pound

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Okay the title of this blog might be a bit misleading, but ‘how to be cheap’ didn’t quite have the same ring to it. Everyone knows that students live on pretty stringent budgets but I think students on exchange fulfill this stereotype the most- especially when your home currency is worth half the currency in your host country. Also, if you want to travel while on exchange being cheap is necessary. Here are some things I have picked up while in Durham. Disclaimer: Not for the faint-hearted. Continue reading