New Year’s resolutions

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Happy 2019 everyone! I hope you all got to enjoy a lovely Christmas break and ate at least as many delicious pastries and cookies as I did during the holidays, just so the list of New Year’s resolutions makes more sense…

In my case the Christmas break included stops in Germany, Slovakia and Scotland, to finally catch up with some of my favourite people, see and hug my incredibly amazing and adorable nana again (who by the way is turning 90 today!!!), spend a very stress-free Christmas-eve with my brother and make some amazing new acquaintances. It really was a wonderful holiday, which once again confirmed that going abroad doesn’t impair any of your interpersonal relationships. The very moment I got to see Leonie and Kathi waiting for me at the trainstation in Marburg with a self-made sign, I felt like I had never spent any time apart from them, exactly like when my brother picked me up in Siegen a few days later. So if you are thinking about spending a term or even a year abroad, this surely doesn’t need to be any of your concerns.

Luckily, despite having the most amazing time, I also remembered to take my books travelling with me, wrote an essay and tried to prepare those ones that yet need to be written as much as I could. Because Epiphany term doesn’t start off as calm as Michaelmas. Epiphany term from the very start means being concerned with deadlines and trying to get to the library quite early to secure a good working place. At least for me it did, as I have four deadlines coming up within the next three weeks, and also several new topics in my seminars that need to be prepared. Hence some other of my New Year’s resolutions are being tested right away. If you therfore do not see me running around on days of deadlines, impatiently talking to printers that won’t listen, or having any meltdowns once the library closes at midnigt, this means that I was able to meet those resolutions much better than the one that included eating less chocolate.

Fortunately I was able to make use of the feed-back sessions for my past assignments, to meet the professors and discuss my work, so that now I have a better feeling for what is expected from me and I am less nervous about writing the further upcoming essays. The exact word-count still usually causes some difficulties for me, as I seem to tend to be writing a lot and usually end up having to cut down my essays. As a person who very much enjoys writing, it of course is a slightly hurtful proces to shorten down a text for which one has carefully chosen every word, but I also appreciate that this way I learn to focus on the most important arguments and get to involve with my topics even more intensivly.

Those essays are also exactly what I should be getting back to now…

I’m happy to be back in Durham after Christmas break

It’s great to be back in Durham and I wish all of you a successful new term. I’ll let you know how mine goes, how much the panick increased, once I got closer to those deadlines and whether or not I can just reuse the list of resolutions for 2019 for 2020. Talk soon!

Round Two

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After a very long and needed Christmas break, I’m back in Durham. I must admit that I had such a good first semester that time went by really quickly and it seemed like no time had gone by when I arrived back in my hometown. I was welcomed back to the English life by a good old house party where I had the opportunity to catch up with my lovely housemates about our Christmas activities.

First week of lectures wasn’t very bad and at the end of it I treated myself with the typical Durhamicious (🀭) Sunday brunch to prepare for a second week full of events in the university societies that I’m involved in or whose events I usually go to, such as the πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Erasmus society, the πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ LGBT society or the πŸ’ƒπŸ» Swing society.Another plan I’m interested in for this month is the screening of the critically acclaimed film Call Me By Your Name at the Hild Bede Film Society (31st of January at 8 pm and 1st of February at 8:30 pm). It will be the second movie I go to watch there, the first being The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I absolutely adored. They have a really nice theatre and a stand to buy snacks for the movie, which is nice. Also, a costume competition for Rocky made it much more memorable. I’ll attach here the rest of the screenings for the term.

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