5 reasons why you should choose Sciences Po for your exchange university

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As a French Sciences Po student, I had a different experience at Sciences Po than the one you may live. However, some of the best friends I have made at Sciences Po were Exchange or International students. I believe Sciences Po is a wonderful university and place to live, mainly thanks to the people who teach, study and work there. Here are 5 reasons why you should definitively choose Sciences Po for your year abroad. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About the System

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Another month is around; yet another month of socializing and discovering the perks of being a student at Durham University. Off the record, I had an awesome “weekend getaway “in Edinburgh, and I was also competing in a rowing competition, but more about that in the following blogs (just so you know I have a life here haha).

This blog will be dedicated to the English academic system or as I like to call it: things that can make me cry or at least question my “academic persona”. 😛 Continue reading