Two Aussies and their Grand European Adventure

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It has been roughly a month since I returned from my grand adventure and my has it been a busy one at that. For five weeks I saw things I never imagined possible, visited places that had me mesmerised for days and had experiences that will always stay with me. Continue reading

Post Christmas Reflections

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I’m back and settled into college now but the past month I have traveled to Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Kent, Paris, Brussels and Bruges; all individually spectacular places! Many of my fellow friends and bloggers alike would have been home or seen some sort of family this Christmas and new year, but I had a very different experience to theirs. It’s been five months now since I left Australia. Christmas abroad was beautiful….but it just wasn’t Christmas without family around. My advice for future exchange students, see if you can get the family or even a family member to come over to see you for that period. That way, you can see the magic of Christmas in another country but have someone with you to make it still feel like a special time. It’s important to keep spirits high, something I struggled with, but I countered this by writing all my friends Christmas cards, going to carol services and buying little presents for those who have gotten you through the first few months of exchange.  Continue reading

On Exchange, in more than Durham

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Several weeks ago, one of my Boston College friends, who joins me on exchange in Durham, suggested that we venture away from campus, and indeed, out of the UK for a bit.  Another of our friends is spending the semester in Paris, studying at La Sorbonne, on her own study abroad program, and she had been nudging us for a while about visiting.  So, after thorough research and after making the very many arrangements — i.e., 16-25 National Rail Card, Airbnb signup, Megabus tickets, Flights out of London, and so on — Myles and I decided on a four-day ‘holiday’ to Paris by way of London. Continue reading