Finding therapeutic Durham and getting lost

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It’s been two months since my arrival in Durham – how time flies – and of course, life has proven itself to be vastly different. Durham, for one, is really a pretty place; very much in contrast to the urban cityscape I come from. In land-scarce Singapore, beauty comes in the form of the ‘urban’, dominated by skyscrapers and efficient transport systems supporting the travel needed for a fast-paced life. We’d have to travel if we wanted to see vast fields of green, architecture, or the like. But here in Durham – there’s water, brick bridges, cobbled paths and – the cathedral. I’d cross the Kingsgate Footbridge (below) elevated over water just to get to classes at Music Department. I’ve spent many of my holidays chasing therapeutic landscapes – mountains, lakes, streets and old towns. In Durham, tranquil and peace is experienced in the everyday. Living, studying, being in Durham, is, in itself, therapy. Continue reading

Here comes the sun: Stepping on the ground of Durham!

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After 18 hours trip flying from the edge of Asia to the other side of Eurasia, I finally landed at Newcastle International Airport. The dim lights I saw from the coach reminded me how far I came from Tokyo, the megalopolis which never sleeps. The town I am living for the next 9 months was freezing and dark at night but seemed to be peaceful and quiet. Also, the students from 2nd and 3rd years helped us and taught us about the life here in a very friendly manner, which made me quite optimistic about the new environment.



Welcome to Collingwood –  being busy for the Freshers Week


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[First Blog] Impression of Durham

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Hello everyone, welcome to my very first post! Hope you would enjoy my story. And before beginning, I need to aplogize that though I tried it’s still difficult to organize the passage in a logic way since there are too many things to say. Just be prepared and read!

Different from other exchange students, I visited Durham quite early at the end of July with my twin sister (Yep! I do have a twin sister!). So luckily I got a chance to know what the summer is like here. Continue reading

What I Didn’t Post to Social Media this Month

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How do you feel seeing all the pictures of your fellow students on Facebook who are studying abroad?

They seem to have so much fun, and YOU are sitting at home in front of your computer, procrastinating, instead of finishing your dissertation. Therefore I want to give you a little tour behind the scenes of being an exchange student at Durham University and I won’t only stick to the highlights of my first month here in the North East of England. Continue reading