Bangers & mash

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(written 03/09/18)

Hello! My name is Kelly and soon I’ll be starting my Erasmus plus adventure in Durham. I live at the  Belgian coastline, near the French border and I just finished my first year as a Theology student in Leuven. Although I already lived in England before as an au pair, I feel like this goodbye from my hometown will be a totally different one.

Because I’m a true anglophile (someone who really really, but like reaaaally loves anything related to England) I started looking into the possibilities to study abroad in the UK from the moment I knew I was going to study Theology in Leuven after graduating teacher school. I browsed through the Erasmus website from my faculty and made a list of destinations that seemed interesting. Obviously only destinations in the UK where listed (I considered Greece, Italy and other warm destinations, but the amount of sun-filled days concerned me as a true ginger lady :p ). After talking to some friends back in the UK and some more research on the world wide web, I started to fall in love with Durham. It lies in the North, which is a region of England I don’t really know quite yet, but would really like to discover. Durham’s theology department also has an outstanding reputation being ranked in the top three of several university rankings online! I was sold for 95%. But when I started my year in Leuven and realised that 2 theology students from Durham were practically my neighbours in my universities’ residence, I knew I just had to choose Durham for my Erasmus year. Those 2 lovely friends answered so many questions I had and really gave me a preview on how warm and welcoming Durham students can be.

So here I am, three weeks before the induction week starts, trying to pack only the necessary things (“No mum, I’m NOT leaving ANY shoes behind. All pairs are absolutely necessary! Yes, even those high heels I can barely walk!”). Next week I leave for a 2-week road trip through the UK as an appetizer for my stay in Durham. This means I’m already saying goodbye to family and friends. Even though I realise from my last experience in the UK, that 10 months go by faster than you would think, I still feel bittersweet on leaving. I’m definitely going to miss my family, friends and my boyfriend. But I’m also very excited about getting to know new people from all across the world. I can’t wait to go back to the country of tea, bangers & mash, Harry Potter and The Beatles. Next to all that I’m also very interested in how my year in Durham will help me to grow on an academical level as a Theologian.

To sum up: happy with Durham as a destination, sad to leave people behind, excited to eat bangers & mash and eager to learn the academical ropes of Durham’s theology department.

Tot de volgende!





Round Two

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After a very long and needed Christmas break, I’m back in Durham. I must admit that I had such a good first semester that time went by really quickly and it seemed like no time had gone by when I arrived back in my hometown. I was welcomed back to the English life by a good old house party where I had the opportunity to catch up with my lovely housemates about our Christmas activities.

First week of lectures wasn’t very bad and at the end of it I treated myself with the typical Durhamicious (🤭) Sunday brunch to prepare for a second week full of events in the university societies that I’m involved in or whose events I usually go to, such as the 🇪🇺 Erasmus society, the 🏳️‍🌈 LGBT society or the 💃🏻 Swing society.Another plan I’m interested in for this month is the screening of the critically acclaimed film Call Me By Your Name at the Hild Bede Film Society (31st of January at 8 pm and 1st of February at 8:30 pm). It will be the second movie I go to watch there, the first being The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I absolutely adored. They have a really nice theatre and a stand to buy snacks for the movie, which is nice. Also, a costume competition for Rocky made it much more memorable. I’ll attach here the rest of the screenings for the term.

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5 reasons why you should choose Sciences Po for your exchange university

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As a French Sciences Po student, I had a different experience at Sciences Po than the one you may live. However, some of the best friends I have made at Sciences Po were Exchange or International students. I believe Sciences Po is a wonderful university and place to live, mainly thanks to the people who teach, study and work there. Here are 5 reasons why you should definitively choose Sciences Po for your year abroad. Continue reading

The Mozart(-ed) Salzburg & Vienna

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During the December/January winter break, I travelled to a few countries in Europe, and as a bred musician, Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace, and Vienna, his residence for a part of his life, was definitely on my list. While the present-day world witnesses posters and advertisements of idols and pop stars printed all over products, train stations, bus stops and the like; in Salzburg and Vienna, it is Mozart. Restaurants, bags, cups, pens, umbrellas, coffee and most prominently, chocolate – you name it, they have it. This is how a typical Mozartian shop would like look like, and trust me, they have these shops – EVERYWHERE. Continue reading